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3 Blade Spinners    $1.50   


These spinners are designed to work with all the GWS 3 blade Props. They are made from black rubber and can be modified if you desire for a custom look, but do not need to be. The center is designed to push on to a 3mm prop shaft, however it can be drilled out to fit your needs. Adds a nice finished look to you craft. Pictures show Spinner on a 7x3.5x3 and a 9x5x3 for size Comparison. (It is the same spinner, just shown to see how it looks on different size props)





4 Blade Spinner    $2.25 






GW/SPN008A    2 Blade Push on Style Spinner 3mm inner hole that can be drilled out. Nice for props over 7" Largest 2 Blade Spinner





GW/SPN008B    2 Blade Push on Style Spinner 5mm inner hole that can be drilled out. Nice for props over 7" Looks same as above




GW/IPS-7A / LPS-7A    

A perfect 2 Blade Spinner for all props 6" and Larger. Helps add that quick finished look. Found in most GWS Kits with stock Gear Box Motor. 3mm inner hole. Push On Style




EPSC-7A4C / GW/SPN006        Medium Sized 2 Blade Spinner. 5mm inner hole. Push On Style





Small 2 Blade Spinner For 2.5' - 3' EDP Prop W/D.1.3. It pushes on a 1.3mm Shaft. Does not have the center rubber to go through the prop hub.

4 per package. Price per Package





GW/SPN002        Small 2 Blade Spinner for 4" and 5" Prop. 3mm Inner hole. Push On


4 per Package. Price per Package





Small 2 Blade Spinner Designed to be used as a prop hub Spacer for smaller motor Shafts. Spinner has a rubber shaft to go through prop hub. Package comes with 6 spinners, 2 for 1.5mm 2 for 2.0mm and 2 for 2.3mm





GW/AD001        Prop Hub Adapters. Push through any GWS Prop to make hub fit smaller shafts. 12 Assorted Sizes

$1.25   Out Of Stock