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A Great Beginner plane! Or for that laid back flying at the park. Fly Slow... Float...Good Times!

3 Controls    Throttle  Rudder  Elevator    Length 37.6"   Wing Span 46.3"    Flying Weight 14-15oz


GWAEO018I    Red NPS         



GWAEO018F    Yellow NPS   Out of Stock



GW/SLOWSTICK-EPS300C    Slow Stick-EPS300C; Red    Out of Stock



GWAEO018    Slow Stick with EPS300C; Yellow



GWAEO018J    Slow Stick with EPS400C/BB; Red



GWAEO018K    Slow Stick with EPS400C/BB, Yellow



GWAEO018N    Slow Stick with Brushless Motor 2212 (BLM003), Red




GW/AP097    $.40    Aluminum Tube for Dihedral   



Fuselage Boom x 2 pce (Fiber Glass)., 10x220mm Doubled-sided Tape x 1 pce, ..Removable fixture x  2 pcs., TS1M1.7* 10 Screw x 4 pcs, ..Fiber glass Stick úr(3x218mm)x2pcs., Push rod x 2 pcs ..Fiber glass Stick úr(3x480mm)x2pcs


GW/SLOW-STICK-AS2    $18.00

(RED Only), Wing x 1 pce., Horizontal Stabilizer and Vertical Fin x 1 PC


GW/SLOW-STICK-AS3    $10.50

Plastic Parts Frame'D' x 1 set, Main Landing Gear x 1 pce., Tail Skid x 1 pce., Aluminum Tube for Dihedral x 2 pcs, Ultra-Light wheel Rim (25.4mm dia.) x 1 pce.,Ultra-Light wheel Rim (76.2mm dia.) x 2, Servo Mounting Screws x 4 pcs